Best Hepa Upright Vacuum Cleaners

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Are you looking for Hepa Upright Vacuum Cleaners ? HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaners are the favorite among customers who have thick and plentiful carpeting. They are best for removing pet hair and for those who want a larger vacuum bag. You will find here brand HEPA upright vacuums from Dyson, Fuller, Miele and Sebo.

HEPA Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Sebo Automatic X4 – See more details

  • The Sebo X-series upright vacuum cleaners are our overall best pick among uprights and are very popular with our customers.
  • The X4 Extra Upright vacuum cleaner rewards with excellent suction, S-Class (meets HEPA standard) filtration, a 12″ Powerhead and extra tools.
  • Lighter than most, SEBO X series upright vacuums reward with excellent suction, S-Class (meets HEPA standard) filtration, and general overall ease of use and durability.
  • The X4 Upright vacuum cleaner has a 12″ wide powerhead.

Miele Bolero – See more details

  • The Miele Bolero is fully featured with automatic controls to make cleaning even easier.
  • Featuring the new swivel neck, ergonomic handle and 360° swivel wheels, this vacuum is a breeze to maneuver as it floats across the floor automatically adjusting suction power and carpet height to accommodate each floor type.

Dyson Ball DC25 All Floors – See more details

  • The DC25 provides excellent suction with superior pick-up and effortless maneuverability.
  • The Dyson Ball™ Technology not only allows the vacuum to turn on a dime but it eliminates the conventional bulky design of an upright vacuum.
  • Great suction power, excellent for carpets.

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HEPA Vacuums for pet hair


Dyson Ball 2 Animal Upright – See more details

  • The Dyson Ball Animal Upright provides excellent suction with superior pick up and a mini turbine head to easily clean pet hair from furniture and stairs.
  • It features Dyson Ball Technology for effortless maneuverability.
  • Its superior suction power makes it an ideal choice for pet owners and houses with carpet.
  • Bagless convenience and washable HEPA filtration.

Miele Cat & Dog – See more details

  • Miele includes an Active Air Clean Filter and Mini Turbobrush, both ideal features for those battling pet hair and odors.
  • Active Air Clean filter with active charcoal to absorb odors and remove pet smells with ease. Great at retaining pet hair, dander and dirt.
  • The small turbobrush is great for removing pet hair from furniture, car interiors or stairs.
  • Those two additional features paired with its powerful suction, maneuverability and unmatched filtration performance, makes the Miele Cat & Dog the perfect fit for every pet owner.
  • Not to mention, its ultra quiet operation will be better tolerated by your furry friends.

Best for Wall to Wall Carpets

Sebo Essential G – See more details

  • The Essential G upright vacuum cleaners are this manufacturer’s most cost-effective upright vacuum for those with lots of carpet.
  • They have first class S-Class filtration (meets Hepa standard) and legendary quality engineering.
  • The G1 features the ET-1 12″ power head and the G2 features the G2 15″ power head.


Fuller Upright Vacuum – See more details

  • A great value, no frills upright vacuum perfect for homes with wall to wall carpeting.
  • The Fuller FB-90T household upright vacuum cleaner features Fuller’s signature metallic silver housing, advanced filtration, onboard tools, and natural bristle on the brushroll and accessory tools.
  • The Fuller Upright Vacuum Cleaners are simple no-frill upright vacuums that clean very efficiently with HEPA filtration and onboard tools.
  • The Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum Cleaner FB-HD1T is a step up from the FB-90T featuring finger tip controls and more durable construction including a metal handle and metal bottom plate.

Sebo Automatic X5 – See more details

  • Sebo X-series upright vacuum cleaners are very popular and are easy to use and durable.
  • The Automatic X5 is the perfect choice for deep cleaning of tightly woven carpets ( ex. Berber, wool, or cotton) with embedded dirt.
  • The X5 comes with a larger 15 inch Powerhead.


Sebo Felix Onyx – See more details

  • With S-Class (HEPA) filtration the Sebo Felix Onyx with finger tip controls is an adventure in upright vacuum cleaner maneuverability.
  • The Felix series are lightweight upright vacuum cleaners with quick turn swivel necks and large side carrying handles.


Hepa Upright Vacuum Cleaners for home

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